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LOVE from Molly Ringwald & Co. 🙂

Thanks so much for sending the FirstBIKEs. Both of my four year olds LOVE the bikes! They literally ride them every day. We are happy FirstBIKE riders!

– Molly Ringwald and Family, California

FirstBIKE is the “IT” Toy!

My 2 yr old son turns heads every where we go with his FirstBIKE. He is absolutely amazing on it. It took him a good week of walking the bike around and then he literally took off. He loves it! It is a challenge to get out of the driveway without it in the back of the car. If you need a child for demonstration purposes… he’s your little man. We live an hour outside of NY city. This is definitely the “IT” toy of the season. Love it!

– Tracie W., New York

Look Dad! No Training Wheels!

Great idea. I taught my 3 girls to ride 2 wheeler without training wheels in no time at all, using the same concept. Learn to first push off and balance before being allowed to put feet on pedals. Now I have grandchildren and this will get them started riding at an early age. Good luck and thanks for this great product to bring riding and exercise into kids lives.

– Joe K., Virginia

The Real Deal

It’s funny — people stopped us at the park to ask about the bike when we were doing our tests and I was totally like, “BUY ONE TODAY!” – it’s kind of amazing how much more logical they are than training wheels as far as learning and development. I was a bit skeptical, too, so it was fun to be proven wrong.

– Andrea P., New York

Blow Out the Candles and Ride

Our daughter has her birthday close to Christmas and it’s always a struggle to divide the two. This time we decided to keep the “bigger” gift for her birthday. We had a party with her friends and as soon as she opened the FirstBIKE she immediately wanted to ride, in fact she barely gave a thought to blowing her candles out. Then we didn’t see her for the rest of the party as she was riding around and around. Thanks for making this an easier gift-giving year!

– Peter and Jeanie B., Florida

Christmas Cheer

I bought my son a first bike for Christmas, and he absolutely loves it. It was such a wonderful experience watching him learn how to ride his FirstBIKE.

– Greg W., Arizona

Ahoy Boys!

Thank you and FirstBIKE for making this Christmas overseas memorable for two rambunctious boys.

The boys were so surprised and it was a picture perfect Christmas morning. Their eyes lit up! It was SO simple to setup and get ready for the Christmas surprise. Because of the bitter cold and snowfall during this winter season we have limited their excursions outside. However, M. (the oldest) loved using the skis across fresh snow! However, I have since changed the skis to front tire and they have been riding the bikes inside the house…we tell them to go as fast as they want and we cannot wait to get these two outside to go fast. The bikes are holding up to 3 and 5 year old abuse. Great design and durability by your designers and engineers.

I do hope FB is spiraling with wonderful success for 2013. You have truly brought Christmas to a military family – in a foreign land. We cannot thank you enough.

– Jesse F., U.S. Navy, South Korea

A Good Night’s Sleep

My husband and I would like to thank you for making the FirstBIKE. It’s really hard to find a good safe product these days and especially one that teaches several skills (coming from parents who buy and try a lot of different toys for our kids). Believe it or not, our son loves his FirstBIKE so much that he sleeps with it at night and even gave it a name. Keep doing what you’re doing. Do you have one for adults?

– Tom and Dolores W., California

A Limousine Ride

“A limousine ride designed for toddlers…that’s literally what the FirstBIKE™ is. The streamlined lightweight FRP (GFT™) frame combined with the profound symmetry of frame, fork, saddle and wheels affords a child a more than reasonably smooth ride. The comfort of a riding experience devoid of high impact to any part of their body is a residual result.” “For retailers, the FirstBIKE is a new artery of substantial sales just waiting to be discovered. For the consumer, the FirstBIKE is the safety net they’ve been waiting for. It is the perfect enticement to draw a child to take their first steps in learning how to balance on a bike safely. No bumps and bruises with the FirstBIKE, just a well built bike and lots of fun.”

– Plastics Engineer, BS, MA, and PhD, The Toy Man Product Guide

Glides Like Butter

FirstBIKE is an award-winning German-designed bike that has recently made its way to the US. With its unique composite frame, four different tire options, eighteen different color combinations and a claim to be the safest balance bike available, FirstBIKE talks a good talk, but does walk a good walk? As one who currently owns more balance bikes than pairs of shoes, I can honestly say it not only walks a good walk, it redefines what a good walk is. From its industrial-grade sealed bearings that glide like butter, to its weather resistant composite frame with a lifetime guarantee, it is quite simply the best all-around and indeed safest balance bike on the market. Here’s why:

And no, I do not work for FirstBIKE, am not affiliated with them in any way and was not paid to write this review (although they did provide me with a demo bike). I just really like their bike!

– Natalie, TwoWheelingTots.com

No More Struggles

My son has been struggling to ride a bike all summer long. His brother was a quick learner when it came to pedaling, but his younger brother just doesn’t seem to get it. The FirstBIKE is perfect for my 3 year old. I love that it looks just like a regular bike minus the pedals. It is sleek and cool; perfect for a child who wants to ‘fit in’ (like my 3 year old) without having to feel embarrassed by falling. It took about a week for him to pick up the concept of the FirstBIKE, simply because we have been constantly pushing the idea of pedals on him I think. Once he was passed the fact that you could ‘walk it’ we were fine. Now, 3 weeks later he is a pro!! Flying down the street and even lifting his feet and balancing on his own! His older brother even pesters him for a ride on it. He has gone from geek to chic on our street!

– Mom Blogger, PTPA (Parents Tested Parents Approved)